“Change nothing and nothing changes.”


The Man behind the Microphone

Dad of five, Jeff promises his children one thing and one thing only – opportunity! The rest is up to them. Jeff’s contagious positivity and strong work ethic has however rubbed off on his children and led them all to successful careers of their own. A proud husband, father and grandfather, his family are his motivation and his salvation.

Successful entrepreneur, sporting fanatic and friend to many – Jeff practices what he preaches in every element of his life…

  • He believes in total trust, honesty and transparency.
  • He places equal value on effort and achievement.
  • He promotes fairness in all he does, and all of this with a cheerful smile and a bit of banter!

As a genuine people person – Jeff surrounds himself, not only with the best, but with those keen to constantly better themselves. After all, every diamond originated from a rock. Jeff thrives on progress, change, enthusiasm and bravery. He doesn’t need his staff to know all the answers, he just wants them to want to know all the answers.

  • Mindset over skill.
  • Enthusiasm over experience.
  • Positivity over everything else.

What shines through when you meet Jeff, above all else, is that he really loves what he does.

“Work is not a chore – it’s a constant learning curve and an enriching journey – one that he’s keen to share.”

His personal development is continual – working with exceptional mentors such as Mandy Hickson – former Fast Jet Pilot with the Royal Air Force, Christian Horner – Team Principal of the Aston Martin Red Bull Formula One team, Sir Clive Woodward – Rugby Legend and Baroness Manningham-Buller – Former MI5 Director General, to name but a few.

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