Doing The Opposite: A life, its lessons & building success

Doing The Opposite by Jeff Dewing

Want to learn the tough lessons I did, but without the hardship that went with it? Look no further than my book, Doing The Opposite.

Doing The Opposite: A life, its lessons & building success is where I share how I got to a place where I had £7.60 in my bank account and was struggling to feed my children. Aged 39, I was bankrupt. The taxman had taken my house, my car and my self-respect. In a matter of months, I had seen my life collapse. I went from owning a successful business and a football club, to claiming benefits to try and put food on the table. In 2012, I started a new business in my garden shed. Just eight years later it was about to be sold for tens of millions of pounds. This book highlights the lessons in life which helped me to recover, and some of the principles I believe you need to follow to find happiness, not just in your bank balance, but in life itself.

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